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Life Coaching - Personal and Business Solutions


Could you benefit from life coaching?

Would you like to enhance your work performance and career opportunities, or simply achieve more in your life? 

Are you unsure how to develop and utilise your skills, need help to solve a financial problem, resolve a problematic personal or work relationship, or achieve better work/life balance? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are probably one of the many people who need some help in maximising their potential and would benefit from life coaching.

Whether you are looking for your first job, need more confidence and motivation, or are simply stuck in a rut, you will find help and ideas on these pages.

Personal life coaching

There may be so much more you could achieve in your life with a personal coach, such as losing weight, improving your motivation and self-confidence, or achieving your own personal goals. 

For example, you may dream of starting your own business, but need help finding the confidence and ability to put your plans into action.

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life coaching services we offer

This website is filled with free ideas and information you can put to use immediately. Your feedback is always welcomed!

Business Life Coaching

Are you an executive or business leader?  This can be a lonely place sometimes. You have some good ideas but also face challenges.  You might need someone who has been there and experienced what you are going through to help you form plans and strategies, who can then work with you and give you practical guidance to help put those plans into action. 

Or you could be a manager who feels that either you or your key team members are not performing to maximum potential and would benefit from business coaching (also known and referred to as executive coaching).

Career Coaching

Would you like to move forward in your career?  Perhaps you need help with putting together a CV or resume, guidance on where to look for a job, or advice about how to develop good interview techniques and boost your confidence. 

Or maybe you are confused about the next step in your career direction, and want support from someone who can help you to identify opportunities and next steps.

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career coaching we offer including tips and ideas!

A life coach can release your potential commercially, personally and emotionally. Many qualified coaches are trained in psychology yet possess a unique blend of practical experience, financial skills and empathy. They will understand your personal and business challenges and help you to deal with them effectively.

This website can help you to achieve your goals and ambitions. We not only explain the life coaching process to you and point you in the right direction, but also offer you online coaching in the form of thought-provoking questions and exercises.

We are constantly adding new sections with ideas for cutting edge coaching and mentoring tools as well as leadership and management tips and secrets.


Self-Coaching and Self-Coaching Tools
Is it possible to coach yourself - in other words, to be your own life coach?

Sales Performance Coaching Part 1
Sales Coaching Part 2
Some ideas for those involved in sales looking to find out how coaching can help your performance and results.

Personal coaching article
"Someone saved my life tonight"

Business Coaching Tips, Ideas and Services
If you want to succeed in business then coaching can help in lots of ways you probably haven't even considered.

Life Coaching for Women
Some effective balancing and coaching strategies specific to a life coaching program for women.

Executive coaching article
"Executive coaching - Can success be measured?"

Finding a Personal Business Coach
Ways to find the right one.

Stress and Risk
Does your organisation take stress and risk seriously?
Read about the article published in the Guardian.

The Art of Persuasion
Learn to become a successful communicator. Interview with a communication coach first published in the Observer.

NLP - Life Coaching
A type of life coaching that uses the principals of neuro-linguistic programming that people use to help better themselves.

Modern Management - Are its methods effective?
Have we gone so far down the road of measuring, leagues and tables that we need to reverse 20 years for a better management model?

Self Esteem Help
Some great tips to help improve and boost self esteem. Also why not take the Self Esteem Quiz?

A Guide to Successful Management
Three strategies that will put you at the top of the management tree.

Become a Coach - Things you need to consider

Group Life Coaching - Find out more about being coached in a group. Also compare the two options in personal coaching versus group coaching

Life Coaching Certification - An up to date article highlighting your options for certification as well as a guide to help you find out how well qualified your life coach is, will be published very soon. In the meantime check out this page and feel free to advise us of anything you feel needs updating.

Life Coaching Jobs and Opportunities
What about after you've trained and received the qualifications?

What is Life Coaching and what is "Life Skills Coaching"?
A good place to start to get some of your questions answered. also Successful Techniques in Life Coaching

Procrastination - Overcoming Barriers
This article should put some steam into your engines.

Self Esteem Building for your Friends, Colleagues or Team Members
Help them to become happier and more productive.

Setting SMART Goals
How setting achievable and realistic goals can bring incredible success to your life.

The Zen of Travel
An external site but a great article on how travel can help you get your life into top gear. Also we're pleased to recommend a new web tool for organising all of your online information - it's a bit like a social bookmarking site but a lot more useful and they are requesting beta testers now.

These articles are all directly life coaching related:

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We are always adding new life and business coaching articles and ideas.We have also just added a pensions guide to the financial coaching section. This can be by clicking pensions info


Some interesting free life coaching resources


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