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Dennis Waitley's Psychology of Winning is based on the premise that winning is a way of life, an all-encompassing way of being where you have the expectation of succeeding. Learn how to become a winner in life with this popular audio product which aims to help you boost your self-esteem, create an optimistic way of life and develop positive thoughts so that winning becomes a habit.

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Christian Life Coaching


Jesus Christ was perhaps the greatest teacher ever? You don’t even have to be a committed Christian to accept the clarity and incisiveness of his messages. Often delivered in parables (simple stories) their impact was literally life changing to those who heard them.

In today’s society it’s a challenge simply to be heard let alone for what we say to be so important and relevant that the message is still being listened to 2,000 years on. The very purpose of the death of Jesus at the cross was so that we may live. Perhaps one the greatest messages of Christianity is that different to other beings we have choice."That terrifying choice".

Christianity and for that matter most world religions believe we possess a fundamental ability to change and a fundamental ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

Every human being knows it is essentially wrong to kill, steal, commit adultery and speak ill of one another and yet sadly most of us deviate at some point.

Perhaps the difference between society in Jesus time on earth and modern western culture is that we seem to resist values being imposed upon us. 2,000 years ago there was far less diversity, little mobility and little ability to experience the thinking of other cultures. Scientific endeavour was primitive and so there was very little basis to challenge anything. Today we challenge everything and perhaps rightly so and we resist doctrine with a fervour.

If Jesus walked amongst us today as a physical being perhaps he would have to deliver his messages slightly differently. The truth is the truth and ultimately faith is faith although the pathway to it can take many courses. Perhaps Jesus would help us to arrive at our own conclusions. Perhaps he would coach us?

If Jesus was to coach us it would seem inevitable that he would invite us to think about our values and to think of the impact our choices have not only on us but on those we live and work with. One thing would be certain he would persist until we revealed our real self and committed to change our ways.

Jesus told stories and asked questions. A great Christian life coach will do the same thing. In fact this isn't just a service for Christians - Any great life coach should be able to help you tap deep into your own belief systems about yourself, the world around you and just how you're going to start achieving more of what you want. Sounds good?


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