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Tips and coaching for building a successful career

This section aims to provide powerful ideas and guidance on all aspects of career development from the first stages of a job search right through to later career changes or retraining.  The career advice you will find here is based on the kind of approach and strategy a career coach might employ.

Our Career Builder Directory currently includes sections on applying for jobs, job interviews and career development.  In each of the sections, you will find that you can spend time just on the particular pages that interest you, however we would recommend that you go through the guides page by page and then bookmark them for later reference.

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Career builder directory

APPLYING FOR JOBS - Job application section

Career Search - How to identify the right career for you

|Employment Search - Information and guidance on ways to find a job

|Writing a CV or Resume - A step-by-step guide to what your CV or resume should include

|CV or Resume Writing Guide - Advice for how to present your CV or resume

How to Write Your CV - Some other useful tips

|Job Application Letters - Guidance on how to write a cover letter

|Writing Job Applications - Useful tips for writing covering letters

|Completing Job Application Forms - Some useful tips when applying for jobs

|Online Job Applications - Key points to remember when applying for jobs online

JOB INTERVIEWS - Job interview section

|Interview Advice and Help - Find out about different types of job interview

Interview Techniques
- Help with preparing yourself for job interviews


Common Interview Questions
- Effective techniques for answering them

|Useful Interview Tips - Important points to remember for job interviews

|Interview Tests - Information about common tasks and exercises in interviews

|Aptitude Tests, Personality Questionnaires and Assessment Centres -
Information and advice about other types of recruitment and selection processes

CAREER DEVELOPMENT - Career development section

Career Development Plans - An introduction to career development tools

Tips for Starting Your Career Development Plan - What you might include in the plan

How to Achieve Your Career Development Goals - Popular training and development routes

Career Breaks - Benefits of taking a career break

Practicalities of Having a Career Break - What you need to consider

Sabbaticals and Career Breaks - Options and ideas for sabbaticals and career breaks

Changing Your Career - Career change advice and information

Career Change - Tips and advice for starting on a new career direction

Career Consultants - How the professional career builders can help you

Life Coaching - Our Life Coaching Home Page

Career Jargon Guide - Useful guide to understanding the language of the management and career world. Career Jargon

Career Resources- Visit the career section of our coaching resources directory.
Career Coaching Resources


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